Friday, November 26, 2010


I cannot believe it has been so long since I have updated my blog!!!  I have been one busy girly with the move to NC and unpacking boxes.  Emma started school and lost her first tooth in one week and Anton is learning to survive without her during the day but true to form he is brining Ava right into the mix ...... I call her my Cinnamon Girl because she is so spicy ....... like her momma :)

I am taking a few minutes away from Toy Story 3 and baking Spitzbuben to try and get some photos on here. 

Here is Emma wearing a "Sprit" tag I made for her.  It was spirit day at her school but I did not have anything so I got this clip art and used some of my PTI goodies to make sure she was showing her spirit.
 This is the first day of school for Emma ........ we cruised in the Beetle with the windows down and Taylor Swift blasting ....... she loves her.  She will always remember her first trip to school!!

Two weeks after we got here it was my sisters birthday so we had a dinner party :)  My BIL brought a burlap sack of oysters from the coast and I made Oysters Rockefeller with marinara pasta and garlic bread...... the oysters were AMAZING!!!!

This was our view from our backyard of the moon coming up a few days ago ....... it was so beautiful

 And here is a little treat I took to Emma's class for "special snack" day.  I did 17 and then 2 notebooks for the teachers, I also made a matching pen ....... thanks to Laurie and a couple of magnet clothes pins.

And lastly here is photo of our property where we are going to build a house.  Please send positive vibes that Curt finds a job that he likes down here so we can start to build late winter / early Spring!!!!  And of course you are all welcome for fun food and cocktails!!!  

All the boxes are unpacked, the beetle is in the garage and I am a bus line waiting mom but no mommy shoes ........ I am trying to remain somewhat cool in my grocery getter.  I always laugh at the people who think they are all that and give you a smug look like they are so much better then you are ......... I just want to say "Hello you are driving a grocery getter too"  

Now let's see if I can get in a routine again.  xoxoxox