Sunday, January 30, 2011

Larger Than Life

I was so excited when LJ designed an addition in larger sizes to the original Life set ...... I love those flowers and the sentiments in the first set are stained beyond I use them so much.  The image on my card today reminds me of Lavender, oh how I love that sweet smell!!!  And the new die for those lovely images ... LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!!  

I am trying to go outside my comfort zone and use some pattern paper...... I know we all have so much and we all hoard it.  This was from a 6x6 pack and I have 5 more pieces 
so I felt okay about my decision today :)
 My sassy friend Denise sent me some wrinkle ribbon and the sweet pin, it was clear and I colored it with a copic and added another crystal.

Forgive the lighting, I have been trying to do better but it was SO BEAUTIFUL here today and I took this photo in Ava's room as the sun was going down.  I think the sun kissed my face today!!
I sat in the back in a chair and gave the kiddies different obstacle courses to complete.  It is 730 pm here and 2 out of 3 are passed out and The other one is watching old Bugs Bunny with the 1,000 mile stare going..... mission accomplished!!

 I hope we are closing on our house in NY this week, I have no idea how Curt will get there with all the snow on the ground there and NO PARKING in the city


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Miss You!!

I am totally missing my family that I worked for in NY.  I  call them my family because really that is how I feel about them, boy do I love them!!!  On a day when it was blah outside and the kids were taking naps because they were all sick, the doorbell rang and it was the postman with a package for me.  It was a box of homemade espresso truffles and a card.  I laughed at the card because it was one I had made and given in a package of cards as a gift.  When I gave them to her she said that she did not like anyone enough to give them one of the cards.  Her youngest daughter made the truffles and wrote the card about how she was thinking of me and they missed me.... oh lord I am such a wimp, I am all weepy writing this.  I guess this is good training for when my kiddies go away to college, or not maybe I will go with them to make sure they all know how to tap a keg properly and are drinking the right beer........ JK ....... I think.  So anyway, I baked for them ALL THE TIME and I am going to send them some treats in the mail next week so I thought I would make a card to put in the box.

 The felt hearts kinda fade into the paper in this photo but not IRL.  Ava had other plans then me sewing on a card, like just holding the foot pedal down or stepping on my foot ......... she really is NUTS!!!

Here is a close up of the impression plate ...... I think this is my favorite one!!!

And just a quick photo of Ava to prove she is NUTS..... her hair was so cute for about 10 seconds 
She is all ME :)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January Papertrey Ink Blog Hop

For the Blog Hop this month we were challenged to ink a set that has not seen much love lately or ever.

For my first card I used Up Up and Away.  
This card is for my niece Stephanie who is really doing so well in school and received scholarships to the first 2 high schools on her list. 


For my second card I used the first set I ever owned ..... 

Everyday Blessings

I love this set so much!!!!

The ink around the second kraft panel looks crazy ...... my chai tea dye was too wet.  I think I might have to redo that part :) 

Have a fun time today ...... I have 3 sick kiddies so my hopping will be between naps and noses!!
I cannot wait to see all the eye candy today and NO CALORIES!!!


Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello there

Stopping in with a quick "Thank You" note for a nice young lady on the PTI MB and for all of you who left me such nice comments on my last post ...... LOVE YOU!!!  

I love pattern paper so much and I have BOXES that still need to be unpacked but I am just not sure what I am suppose to do...... if I lived near Ingrid or Lindsay it would help!!!

This is what I came up with using some of my paper today.........

And now I am going to go out with the kiddies and build a bonfire and sit while it snows!!!  Thankfully I have marshmallows and hot cocoa!!!!


Friday, January 7, 2011


On Monday morning I was laying in bed at 0 dark 00 listening to Anton tell me about his Lego "Dark N Nader" for the 500th time with one eye open..... I have to watch when he takes the helmet off......... "look mommy now Dark N Nader is Skywalkers dad"  WOW that is amazing Anton .....really my mind was set on what I was going to do that day. 

 I am part of an amazing group of people over on the Papertrey Ink forum who are sending love, hugs, prayers, sunshine, you name it we are sending it to a wonderful young lady Katie.  Katie is an amazing young woman who really has so much courage and gives so much inspiration.  I knew I wanted to make a book/journal because we all need somewhere to write and why not make it pretty ... right??  So I was laying there thinking I know the stamp I want to use and I will need my BIA and I need my quality paper and I need o rings.   So out into the garage I go to start unpacking more boxes ...... I will not be denied!!!  Within minutes I had all my stuff and I started my day and would return later to start.   Later that day I read this post and then I knew I was on the right path....... the stamp I picked that morning was "JOURNEY" So I followed my heart, I only know Katie from her work and reading her blog, and this is what I came up with..............

I used the MS punch for the small butterfly and then both PTI dies for the larger 2

This is one of the tags for the inside pocket

More tags

 In the back I made a pocket and put some cardstock I cut with the spiral notebook page
in Fine Linen ..........

So that is it ........ I hope it brings a smile to Katie's face.  It was for sure made with love and hope that this will all be okay!!!