Monday, July 9, 2012

CloudWPlus9 #1

I cannot believe that I was on the computer and saw a post on Facebook from my UBER sweet friend Suzanne ( LOVE HER ) that there was blog hop today and I had 20 minutes to spare, only because I had the kids doing homework.  YES I am aware that the summer is here but too bad!!!   Since this card, about 20 minutes ago, I have broken up bat man and cat woman fights and now Emma is in time out for not listening ........ OH how I love the summer!!!  But lucky for them I am happy to keep to the rules so they do not have a problem getting back into the swing of things when school starts in 48 days and 18 hours but who is counting?

My friend is very sick and I try to send her cards on a regular basis because she cannot remember conversations, but when there is something tangible she can hold it and remember.  Her husband told me this morning that she holds them and looks at them so I thought this was the perfect time to multi-task.  

Here is the inspiration photo.
Seriously perfect ~ my friend Nela has a smile and eyes that can light up the darkest of days!!  

I went more with the white space of the cake and cups below it and the beautiful flowers.  Love the raffia so I had to use a bit of twine as well.  

And since my card was standing against my MOST favorite bowl filled with fresh North Carolina 
PEACHES........I thought hey why not throw in a photo of Wilbur ~ 
My husband knows me so well........ it was a gift from him!!!

Have a great day!!
  Gotta run and do the CEO of Hallinger and Halinger thing~

Sue Ann

Monday, June 18, 2012

WMS Blog Hop and Sketch

My friend Cathy told me that I should do the Waltzingmouse Stamps sketch challenge , so here I am. Do not get me wrong,
 all the stars and the moon had to align for me to do this.  
The kiddies have been running like crazy the last few days so we are going to have 
a "ruhetag" today, which means "rest day" in German 
 speaking of German how about the German National soccer team, YAY!!!

I have plenty to keep my busy today 
so I am combining 2 parties into 1~~  
This card is for both the WMS sketch challenge and theWMS Blog Hop.

I have this super cute tissue box next to my bed and I wanted to recreate the flowers but I did not really have anything kind of funky and modern in my stamp collection, so I thought.
  I started looking at all my stamps instead of doing a mental inventory and as soon I saw Teeny Trees I knew my luck had just changed.  

I was going to sew on the card, I thought it would be cute to do a quick zig zag stitch on the side to attach my 2/3 circles (does thinking count) but Ava had another idea  ~ 
so the sewing machine went away LOL !!  
She is so bad sometimes but I laugh at her because she is bad in a comical way.  

Now I have to answer my laundry,
I hear it calling my name!!
Sue Ann

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Show and Tell for Janelle

Good Morning

Today a few friends have gotten together to celebrate our friend Janelle of Show and Tell and to let her know we have been thinking about her and pulling for her.  Since Janelle always has something to show and tell I thought I would do the same since this is all about her!!  

If you visit Janelle's blog just one time you will already know what I am going to "tell" you.  She has a smile that will cure any fog or clouds, she is sweeter than sugar AND she is an all around amazing woman.  

Janelle, I know you have had some ups and downs lately........ for that I am so sad.  I also know that you have handled every hurdle thrown at you with grace and a smile.  I am pulling for you!!  I know this battle has been long and hard but, I also know you are fighter!!!   I would also like to give a shout out to your hubby Ken, he is someone I would want on my team any day of the week and I am so happy he is on your team!!  YOU ROCK KEN!!!  

And now for the "show"  Okay so I am NOT a Copics girl and I watched MANY tutorials on how to color flesh over the last day ...... and I have MANY pieces of card stock to "show" how much I practiced.  YES I could use some Debbie Olsen flowing through me but I got it done and the coloring is not so bad that you have to put on dark glasses or anything like that.  I watched and tried because there was no other card that I wanted to make.  The sentiment is true........ I am pulling for you Janelle!!!   And the red shoes ..... well what girl does not want red shoes :)  Keep your chin up and know in your heart there are MANY people pulling for you and hoping that each day when the sun rises it is a better day than yesterday. 


My buddy Laurie has all the links on her blog for our special blog hop.  I would also like to say Thank You to Laurie and Dana for getting us all together ~ I love you girls but you already know that!!!!

Have a GREAT DAY!!!!
Sue Ann

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Over on the blog for Market Street Stamps they are having a "block party" for the upcoming release.  They are also teaming up with CAS-ual Fridays.  The challenge on the CAS-ual Fridays blog is brown paper bags tied up with strings and on the blog for MSS they wanted us to use any of their AMAZING stamps.  

I decided that I needed a journal for myself because I am better with eating when I have to be accountable. My journal sits right on the bar in the kitchen with a pen next to it and for sure it keeps me more accountable and I love being able to go back and look at what I had during the day.  I have had a horrible cold so I am trying to be better with my food until I can get back to running, weights and Zumba.

I used the word inspiration because I knew when I looked at this book laying on the bar it would always inspire me and remind me to try and do the best I can for me.   I absolutely LOVE this "peace" sentiment and the words are SO TRUE.  You cannot really see the stitching but I did a cut out for my pattern paper  and then it was attached to my corrugated cardboard with my sewing machine.  I love when I get to do a project for me and it for sure does not happen too often!!!  

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening and I am going to attempt to go check out some of the other people at the block party. 
 Can someone please pour me a wine?

Friday, December 30, 2011

Thank You gift

One of my favorite movies is The Sound of Music so when I found out it was brown paper tied up with string over on  CAS-ual Fridays blog I had to jump right in, of course I had to finish singing the song first and believe me I am NO Julie Andrews. 

What I made for the challenge are a couple of Thank You gifts.  I had ordered these bags from "Mish" and I knew I wanted to use them for the project but the problem is they were too big for what I needed so out came my sewing machine.  Of course when the sewing machine comes out for a 10 minute project it becomes a 1 hour project because of AVA.  The thread is pulled out when my back is turned, she is on the peddle with foot up, somehow she gets the spool of thread and it unwinds ....... seriously I should have a primetime sitcom.  An hour later I have sewn up 10 of these smaller bags that are seen in the post today and I have the rest stashed away with the ones I got from Mish ...... her sewing is so straight.  I hope the girls getting these gifts look at them with a head tilt because my sewing is always a bit off.

 Here they are all packaged up and ready to get to the post office.

The focal image on the front is held on with my "string" and it is a 2 in,
a focal image and a pretty magnet.

Here is a wee look at the cards on the inside.  I put 5 in each package
and they are 31/2 x 5.  

On a quick side note when I worked for American Airlines my job was to meet and greet high profile people and one night I had to meet and take Julie Andrews to her flight.  While I was waiting for her office to call I was in club and of course my friend and I could not miss an opportunity to be nutty so we started singing a nice selection of Julie Andrews movie songs.   On my way out the door to meet her  I walked around the corner and she was standing there smiling ......... right there listening to us sing and laugh.  I do not know how many shades of red I was but I am sure Pure Poppy was in the mix.


Thursday, November 3, 2011


Oh my goodness, it has been a LONG time since I have had time to update my blog so you know this will be a long post trying to do a little catching up.   I have been creating like a mad woman but time has not been a friend lately.  Okay I will admit that August was not a productive month for crafting but I did AMAZING work on my tan in Montauk.  Montauk is located at the very end of the south fork of Long Island and is the best part of the Hampton's if you ask me.

My bathing beauty....
Curt's mermaid 
Light House 

 When we got home Emma and Anton started school and then Anton turned 5, so lets start there.
I took a snack to his school that day and he is a Spider-Man freak so I made some cakepops and a city scape for display.  The buildings that are cut out were all named for local places around his school, it goes all the way around but as usual I was running out of the house so this was the best I could do for a photo.  I did not show him what I was doing I just told him I was bringing a small snack for the class.
 Here is a close up of spider man .........

Next up a card and bag I made for Emma's buddy 
I cut the filp flop part with my cricut and then added
the Papertrey Ink Bloom Bloom builder die .... LOVE IT

 And the matching gift bag with her name all glittered up
just like Emily's personality.... 
she is a super fun and crazy girl!!

Since the kids are up and we are getting ready for school I think I will save Halloween for 
tomorrow or the next day ......... for sure not a couple of months.

Sue Ann

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday

Here with a quick post today, kids are going to have me running in a few hours and I have do complete all of my domestic goddess tasks before I leave so I do not feel out of sorts when we get home.  

I made this for my future sister in law for her birthday!!
I know the lighting is horrible but I could not wait for good weather
I needed to get it in the mail.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Sue Ann