Monday, July 9, 2012

CloudWPlus9 #1

I cannot believe that I was on the computer and saw a post on Facebook from my UBER sweet friend Suzanne ( LOVE HER ) that there was blog hop today and I had 20 minutes to spare, only because I had the kids doing homework.  YES I am aware that the summer is here but too bad!!!   Since this card, about 20 minutes ago, I have broken up bat man and cat woman fights and now Emma is in time out for not listening ........ OH how I love the summer!!!  But lucky for them I am happy to keep to the rules so they do not have a problem getting back into the swing of things when school starts in 48 days and 18 hours but who is counting?

My friend is very sick and I try to send her cards on a regular basis because she cannot remember conversations, but when there is something tangible she can hold it and remember.  Her husband told me this morning that she holds them and looks at them so I thought this was the perfect time to multi-task.  

Here is the inspiration photo.
Seriously perfect ~ my friend Nela has a smile and eyes that can light up the darkest of days!!  

I went more with the white space of the cake and cups below it and the beautiful flowers.  Love the raffia so I had to use a bit of twine as well.  

And since my card was standing against my MOST favorite bowl filled with fresh North Carolina 
PEACHES........I thought hey why not throw in a photo of Wilbur ~ 
My husband knows me so well........ it was a gift from him!!!

Have a great day!!
  Gotta run and do the CEO of Hallinger and Halinger thing~

Sue Ann