Saturday, March 24, 2012

Show and Tell for Janelle

Good Morning

Today a few friends have gotten together to celebrate our friend Janelle of Show and Tell and to let her know we have been thinking about her and pulling for her.  Since Janelle always has something to show and tell I thought I would do the same since this is all about her!!  

If you visit Janelle's blog just one time you will already know what I am going to "tell" you.  She has a smile that will cure any fog or clouds, she is sweeter than sugar AND she is an all around amazing woman.  

Janelle, I know you have had some ups and downs lately........ for that I am so sad.  I also know that you have handled every hurdle thrown at you with grace and a smile.  I am pulling for you!!  I know this battle has been long and hard but, I also know you are fighter!!!   I would also like to give a shout out to your hubby Ken, he is someone I would want on my team any day of the week and I am so happy he is on your team!!  YOU ROCK KEN!!!  

And now for the "show"  Okay so I am NOT a Copics girl and I watched MANY tutorials on how to color flesh over the last day ...... and I have MANY pieces of card stock to "show" how much I practiced.  YES I could use some Debbie Olsen flowing through me but I got it done and the coloring is not so bad that you have to put on dark glasses or anything like that.  I watched and tried because there was no other card that I wanted to make.  The sentiment is true........ I am pulling for you Janelle!!!   And the red shoes ..... well what girl does not want red shoes :)  Keep your chin up and know in your heart there are MANY people pulling for you and hoping that each day when the sun rises it is a better day than yesterday. 


My buddy Laurie has all the links on her blog for our special blog hop.  I would also like to say Thank You to Laurie and Dana for getting us all together ~ I love you girls but you already know that!!!!

Have a GREAT DAY!!!!
Sue Ann