Friday, April 30, 2010

Graduation Card

A graduation card for a very sweet and SMART girl!!! I had another idea brewing but after about 2 days of trying to get the tiny numbers lined up I gave up and went this direction ............ good lord those tiny numbers put me in a bad mood ........ and my Versa Fine went in the garbage .......... thankfully chocolate makes it all better :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

With Gratitude

I made this card over the weekend for my sister to give to one of her son's teachers who has really been a great supporter of his this year. I am posting this today because it is how I feel for one of my former school teachers who passed away this week after a long personal battle. Putting into words what Mr. Hickman aka Mr. Bill did for me and for so many others who were lucky enough to know him, no matter if you were in his class or not. Mr. Hickman shaped the lives of so many people and I started to realize just how much when his friends on Facebook reached over 2300 people. I have been going to his homepage often the last few days to read all the wonderful words people have been writing about him and we all seem to have the same love and experience. He pushed us to strive for the best in ourselves and now I see myself using his quotes and pushing my children the same way. Between my parents and Mr. Hickman I had no choice but to turn out okay .......... He saw the best in everyone that passed into his building and always picked the positive to focus on and would encourage where we might have been falling short. He gave us respect as students and in return we gave it right back to him. I am thankful that I was able to speak to him a few short months ago and tell him how he influenced my life as well as so many others. He was a good man and his legacy will live on forever for many people. Today my mentor and friend will be laid to rest and he is not suffering anymore. I hope he knew how many people are better because of him and I wish that truth would have been enough to save him. Rest in Peace Mr. Hickman, you will always be a part of the person that I am.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Birthday Card

How much do I love "Enjoy the Ride" ?? I thought adding some "Spot Dot" would be just the right amount of funk for this card. I have some pink and orange bling in the middle of the large circles and my headlights ....... this will be perfect for a 17 year old super cool young lady!!!

Here is a photo of me and my big green baby (and my BFF) ..... no that is not a beer belly :) ......... I have 3 kiddies but no matter I still have my baby for all my running around when they are home. Before Little Ava it was like a clown car ..... double stroller in the trunk, car seats, 2 kiddies, bags from shopping, me and my big prego belly ...... needless to say there was always people looking at me like I was crazy but the truth is I LOVE my car and it is fun to drive!!!

And look at these little chocolate yummies .......... it is like there is a little cloud hovering over them........ the kiddies asked so I had to deliver!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mother's Day Card

I have been using so much kraft and vintage white paper lately that this card seems very WHITE. I do love these colors together and it is growing on me. I could not get a tail going so I used one of the flourishes from FF and I have to say that I do love that felt.......the butterfly bottom cut so easy!!!! Another top 10 day here today in NYC and I am going out in the garden to enjoy!! Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Enjoy the Ride

This is a fun little card I made for our Uncle Franz ........ not to be confused with our Uncle Hans ....... yes we have both!! I think I am going to use this for my Papertrey Ink Pals challenge as well but I might want to make a more neutral card too ..... I need to work on making a "dude" kinda card!!! The bottom sentiment reads "On the road to recovery" and the license plate reads "Uncle" both in German...... I thought this might be smart since he does not understand any English ....... although I think Beer is pretty close Bier :) And how much do I love that Beetle Bug...... I stamped it twice ...... once in black for the outline and once in Riding Hood Red for the body. LOVE IT!!! The sky is PTI white and I used a cotton ball to swirl on the sky. The mountains were cut with my cricut, the road is freehand with the new line of dots in the Argyle set and a Spot Dot sun to finish it off. They live in the Bavaria ....... you know the whole Sound of Music thing so I thought this would be a cute layout for the card. Of course Curt will be doing all the writing on the inside .......

Thanks for looking!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Compose a Card with Becky

I cannot even believe that I finished this card ..... this house has been sick for 2 weeks~ I worked in stages and of course my original idea did not work out because my number one craft nemesis Anton took my dies ........ oh that boy!!! I am always complaining about my light so I took it outside ......

Here is a photo of our Lilacs ...... this is the first year they have bloomed, you know that whole 5 year thing. As stuffy as I am I could still smell these beauties.

Have a great day!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mother's Day Card

Still working on the whole Copic learning curve ....... I have a feeling I will be using them often right now. I do love them and I know it will be a long term relationship but I have a feeling there will be some ups and downs until we really get to know each other :)

The smaller Dahlia is attached with foam tape. I did put a little glitter in the middle to give it a bit of bling.

I used Nicole's example to make my Ripe Avocado strip with my scor pal..... and LOVE that rick rack die.

Have a great day .......

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Compose a card with Becky and Papertrey Pals Challenge

This weeks card is for Becky's challenge found HERE and for the Papertrey Pals challenge found HERE. So this is my first time using Copic markers .... hello there is going to be a major learning curve here ....... who wants to come over for one on one training ..... good food, excellent desserts if you like ....... you name it!!!

In addition to this card being a challenge it was also a challenge to get it done for my friends birthday. You all know I have more stories than Disney and of course this is no different. Monday started with Emma being sick continuing on to Ava and Anton and now Curt YIKES!!!! I know with all this crying that I am doing call me a Waaaambulance and let them know when they get here I will be the one hanging out the window :) Obviously my June Cleaver look of the pearls, freshly spritzed face and a cute PTI ribbon in my hair is not happening right now. Thankfully I have not lost my sense of humor!!!

So here is my take on the little honey wearing the brown dress ...... my card in NO WAY does her justice she looks like a real peach of a young lady!!

Thanks for looking and have a great day!!