Friday, July 22, 2011

Make it Monday #24 / Journey

I love the whole theory of dry brushing but I will admit I probably should have used paint vs an inker and the canvas sucked it right up so the brush marks are not as present as if I did it on paper with paint but I wanted to use the canvas. I also did the dry brushing on the cardboard but it is hard to see.

My friend is going through a tough time right now and it is indeed going to be a journey so I thought I would make her a journal to help her move into the next phase of life.
  I do not even know how many times I have used this stamp "JOURNEY" I love it!!!    
  I could do a whole book on my journey of waking up every morning being Anton's mom, will he shoot me in the head today with his Iron Man missile or do I get off the hook with one of his Star Wars talking toys in my ear or the best of all him tapping me and saying he loves me .......
 I love that boy
 but it does hurt when he chooses the missiles because he gets me in the head and there are 7......
 he makes me laugh!!!

I stamped on all the pages on the inside using Daydreamer, Happy Trails, and Mini Year of Flowers series, the stamping went pretty fast and it really added a nice touch to the overall book. 
Here are 2 of the inside pages.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Playing catch-up!!

Where is the time going this summer?  The kids have me running like crazy to the pool, I have been on the treadmill every morning or at Zumba, you know sometimes I need a laugh, and I can burn 1,000 calories having fun.  There have been PLENTY of trips to the Farmers Market, we are going today for more peaches, cantaloupe, watermelon, tomatoes, and I am sure some other things will jump into my bag as well.  I love cooking/baking with fresh from the ground food.  I have sauteed' zucchini on the menu today from the Farmers Market with tomatoes and basil from my herbs and that will be with home fries and hamburgers, I hope we are celebrating a World Cup Championship ......... GO USA!!!

 I am posting a ton of photos in this post because I am trying to catch-up with some of my favorite projects that I wanted to post but have not had the time.
And a photo of my FAVORITE fruit bowl.

Let's get this party started!!

My sister's friend is moving away so we were discussing what she should get for her.  She loves to bake so we came up with bread pans, the gold ones, from William Sonoma.  THEY ARE FABBY!!!!
So then I said and if you do some recipes to put with them
and then I offered to assist the best sister in the world.

YES I need a new blade on my paper trimmer :)

Magnet clothes pin for hold recipe on fridge

I still had some fun stuff on my desk so I decided to put a little notebook together 
and a matching pen.

I love my piggy fruit bowl!!!  It came from Napa Style.

 I made this card for Curt for Father's Day.
The kids wrote on the inside for him....
well Emma did and I helped Anton and Ava.
He is a Brooks Brothers/ sailboat kinda guy so I am not sure why I did grunge 
but I think it turned out cool.

This is the seed packet from PTI and I made it into a gift card holder for one of my favorite girls in the world, her name is Gussie....... I love her 4 sisters just as much and I miss them.
Gussie graduated this year so I am sending her a little Starbucks love.  
I computer generated the sentiment and then stamped the label over it and then die cut
worked perfectly!!
Like me, she loves green so there you go.

And here is my last card for today. 
 Did you have to take a nap during this post :)
My friend Laurie made this card a few weeks ago and I have not been able to get it out of my head.
Yesterday I was able to sit down and play some with my Copics, I really need to get more colors.
The little peek of the boarder you see if from my Starbuck's Chi Tea Latte this morning,
oh how I love Chi Tea Latte's.

Here is a closer look at the beads.  
I tied twine around the fold of the card and then attached 
the beads and spacers.  
This image makes me think of belly dancing......
 I love to belly dance.  

Have a great day.