Friday, December 30, 2011

Thank You gift

One of my favorite movies is The Sound of Music so when I found out it was brown paper tied up with string over on  CAS-ual Fridays blog I had to jump right in, of course I had to finish singing the song first and believe me I am NO Julie Andrews. 

What I made for the challenge are a couple of Thank You gifts.  I had ordered these bags from "Mish" and I knew I wanted to use them for the project but the problem is they were too big for what I needed so out came my sewing machine.  Of course when the sewing machine comes out for a 10 minute project it becomes a 1 hour project because of AVA.  The thread is pulled out when my back is turned, she is on the peddle with foot up, somehow she gets the spool of thread and it unwinds ....... seriously I should have a primetime sitcom.  An hour later I have sewn up 10 of these smaller bags that are seen in the post today and I have the rest stashed away with the ones I got from Mish ...... her sewing is so straight.  I hope the girls getting these gifts look at them with a head tilt because my sewing is always a bit off.

 Here they are all packaged up and ready to get to the post office.

The focal image on the front is held on with my "string" and it is a 2 in,
a focal image and a pretty magnet.

Here is a wee look at the cards on the inside.  I put 5 in each package
and they are 31/2 x 5.  

On a quick side note when I worked for American Airlines my job was to meet and greet high profile people and one night I had to meet and take Julie Andrews to her flight.  While I was waiting for her office to call I was in club and of course my friend and I could not miss an opportunity to be nutty so we started singing a nice selection of Julie Andrews movie songs.   On my way out the door to meet her  I walked around the corner and she was standing there smiling ......... right there listening to us sing and laugh.  I do not know how many shades of red I was but I am sure Pure Poppy was in the mix.


Thursday, November 3, 2011


Oh my goodness, it has been a LONG time since I have had time to update my blog so you know this will be a long post trying to do a little catching up.   I have been creating like a mad woman but time has not been a friend lately.  Okay I will admit that August was not a productive month for crafting but I did AMAZING work on my tan in Montauk.  Montauk is located at the very end of the south fork of Long Island and is the best part of the Hampton's if you ask me.

My bathing beauty....
Curt's mermaid 
Light House 

 When we got home Emma and Anton started school and then Anton turned 5, so lets start there.
I took a snack to his school that day and he is a Spider-Man freak so I made some cakepops and a city scape for display.  The buildings that are cut out were all named for local places around his school, it goes all the way around but as usual I was running out of the house so this was the best I could do for a photo.  I did not show him what I was doing I just told him I was bringing a small snack for the class.
 Here is a close up of spider man .........

Next up a card and bag I made for Emma's buddy 
I cut the filp flop part with my cricut and then added
the Papertrey Ink Bloom Bloom builder die .... LOVE IT

 And the matching gift bag with her name all glittered up
just like Emily's personality.... 
she is a super fun and crazy girl!!

Since the kids are up and we are getting ready for school I think I will save Halloween for 
tomorrow or the next day ......... for sure not a couple of months.

Sue Ann

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday

Here with a quick post today, kids are going to have me running in a few hours and I have do complete all of my domestic goddess tasks before I leave so I do not feel out of sorts when we get home.  

I made this for my future sister in law for her birthday!!
I know the lighting is horrible but I could not wait for good weather
I needed to get it in the mail.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!

Sue Ann

Friday, July 22, 2011

Make it Monday #24 / Journey

I love the whole theory of dry brushing but I will admit I probably should have used paint vs an inker and the canvas sucked it right up so the brush marks are not as present as if I did it on paper with paint but I wanted to use the canvas. I also did the dry brushing on the cardboard but it is hard to see.

My friend is going through a tough time right now and it is indeed going to be a journey so I thought I would make her a journal to help her move into the next phase of life.
  I do not even know how many times I have used this stamp "JOURNEY" I love it!!!    
  I could do a whole book on my journey of waking up every morning being Anton's mom, will he shoot me in the head today with his Iron Man missile or do I get off the hook with one of his Star Wars talking toys in my ear or the best of all him tapping me and saying he loves me .......
 I love that boy
 but it does hurt when he chooses the missiles because he gets me in the head and there are 7......
 he makes me laugh!!!

I stamped on all the pages on the inside using Daydreamer, Happy Trails, and Mini Year of Flowers series, the stamping went pretty fast and it really added a nice touch to the overall book. 
Here are 2 of the inside pages.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Playing catch-up!!

Where is the time going this summer?  The kids have me running like crazy to the pool, I have been on the treadmill every morning or at Zumba, you know sometimes I need a laugh, and I can burn 1,000 calories having fun.  There have been PLENTY of trips to the Farmers Market, we are going today for more peaches, cantaloupe, watermelon, tomatoes, and I am sure some other things will jump into my bag as well.  I love cooking/baking with fresh from the ground food.  I have sauteed' zucchini on the menu today from the Farmers Market with tomatoes and basil from my herbs and that will be with home fries and hamburgers, I hope we are celebrating a World Cup Championship ......... GO USA!!!

 I am posting a ton of photos in this post because I am trying to catch-up with some of my favorite projects that I wanted to post but have not had the time.
And a photo of my FAVORITE fruit bowl.

Let's get this party started!!

My sister's friend is moving away so we were discussing what she should get for her.  She loves to bake so we came up with bread pans, the gold ones, from William Sonoma.  THEY ARE FABBY!!!!
So then I said and if you do some recipes to put with them
and then I offered to assist the best sister in the world.

YES I need a new blade on my paper trimmer :)

Magnet clothes pin for hold recipe on fridge

I still had some fun stuff on my desk so I decided to put a little notebook together 
and a matching pen.

I love my piggy fruit bowl!!!  It came from Napa Style.

 I made this card for Curt for Father's Day.
The kids wrote on the inside for him....
well Emma did and I helped Anton and Ava.
He is a Brooks Brothers/ sailboat kinda guy so I am not sure why I did grunge 
but I think it turned out cool.

This is the seed packet from PTI and I made it into a gift card holder for one of my favorite girls in the world, her name is Gussie....... I love her 4 sisters just as much and I miss them.
Gussie graduated this year so I am sending her a little Starbucks love.  
I computer generated the sentiment and then stamped the label over it and then die cut
worked perfectly!!
Like me, she loves green so there you go.

And here is my last card for today. 
 Did you have to take a nap during this post :)
My friend Laurie made this card a few weeks ago and I have not been able to get it out of my head.
Yesterday I was able to sit down and play some with my Copics, I really need to get more colors.
The little peek of the boarder you see if from my Starbuck's Chi Tea Latte this morning,
oh how I love Chi Tea Latte's.

Here is a closer look at the beads.  
I tied twine around the fold of the card and then attached 
the beads and spacers.  
This image makes me think of belly dancing......
 I love to belly dance.  

Have a great day.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I always want to play along with the sweet gals over at CR84FN but with my little whipper snappers  the opportunity does not come often.  When I saw the colors for this go around I had to figure out some "ME" time at my craft table and today opportunity knocked and I answered the door.

Here is inspiration photo over at CR84FN for this challenge and I have to say 
I LOVE these colors together.

I made this card for my niece Stephanie, 
she has just graduated from 8th grade and had a very successful year!!!  
Way to go Steph~~

I used an impression plate from PTI to give them a bit of texture ....... 
I cannot remember the name of it but I am sure you all know :)

This is the sentiment that is inside the mini envelope.
I must say it was nice to create something today.

Women's World Cup is taking place in Germany right now and the Germans play again tomorrow.  I am cheering for America and Germany and if they meet in the quarter finals, I will be hiding in my closet because I cannot watch games like that.
When Germany plays my nice Bavarian husband Curt likes
 to have a nice Bavarian breakfast to put us in a festive mood .........
here is a photo of breakfast beverage to go along with the German cold cuts and butter bread.   



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Make it Monday 20/Yankees BDAY

We have a birthday party for a little boy coming up and tis the season for baseball so I thought this would be a perfect fit especially since he is a Yankees fan.  I was looking at the Label Baisics, I knew I wanted to use it but it was feeling kinda blah but when I masked off the outer part and turned my notebook paper stamp on the side to make YANKEE PINSTRIPES, I was not blah anymore.
  Spencer is going to be 7, Mickey Mantel's number, so that is the perfect number to create an UBER fun birthday card for a Yankees fan. 

 I generated my wording on my Mac using the Team Spirit font.
  My coloring needs help but the glove does kinda look like it has seen some fun days in the ballpark.  

This is close up of the masking but also of a baseball that Joe DiMaggio sent me
when I worked for American Airlines.  
I walked him on the aircraft and sat beside him ...... tough work ya know!!
He was such a sweetheart.  He asked me for my address and I thought maybe he would send me an
autographed photo or something.
I took it out of the case for this fun backdrop.


Sue Ann

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hula Girl

I do not take my cricut out as much as I should but I did for this birthday card since we were attending a Luau, yes I did attempt to do the hula with the girls but being a left handed blonde sometimes does not serve me well........ but now I have to learn because I will not let that grass skirt beat me :)  I made this right before the party and when I showed Curt he told me that I had to take a photo and put it on my blog because it was his favorite, anything that is about the beach is our favorite.  So here I am posting this cute little card I made for the party.  

The center of the flowers for the lei were Raspberry rhinestones.  Recently when I was on my friend Amy's blog I saw this card and it kinda pushed me to do a "scene" card which I do not do often.  The skirt and the seashells both have a very fine glitter on them to bring it up a notch.

That is all today. 
 Off to the gym, library,
 home for lunch and then back to the pool.
Have a GREAT DAY!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Make it Monday #17

Hey there.  I needed a couple of teacher thank you cards so I thought  why not join in on the fun with Make it Monday over on Nicole Heady's Blog.  The challenge this week was cracked glass.

Here is my take on the challenge

This is for Mrs. Barnes, she loves The ECU Pirates and purple and gold are the colors.
I am in total love with the new Wildflower Garden set from Heather.

That is all for me today. 
 I have been up since about 3 am when Ava decided that was the moment
 she was going to give up her pacifier and she wanted to have a debrief.  
She has been one chatty girl this morning.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!
Sue Ann

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Make it Monday #16

Hey there.  I do not like making Sympathy cards but unfortunately I needed one.  
This is also for the Make it Monday over on PTI.

I love how the woodgrain impression plate was the perfect finishing touch.

Have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend!!

Sue Ann

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Papertrey May Blog Hop

Gracious it has been a few months since I have joined in on the fun with the blog hop but I had to make a card today so here I am at the HOP.  When I say that I always think of a sock hop with bobby socks, a poodle skirt, a scarf tied around my neck and a ponytail ....... 

This really could have been a quick card but Ava's Jessie ( Toy Story 3 ) got a chip in the head, Anton wanted me to do some karate moves, they both needed lunch and Curt and I were having a laugh about some nonsense so it took a good part of the day ....... Jessie is still on the mend and I did not fall down kicking over his head so we are having a successful day.  

Here is my card featuring FLOWERS

And since we are showcasing flowers this is one of my favorite photos from our garden in NY.

Montauk Daisy

I have BBQ chicken quesadilla's on the menu for tonight ..... 

Have a great rest of the week!!!
Sue Ann

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Merry!!

I hope this year is your best one yet!
Celebrate you.
I hope that your year is filled with many good times, tons of hugs and kisses, laughing so hard that you cry and of course many PTI goodies!!
Cheers Merry!!!

~And do not forget the cake~

We are having a blog hop for our friend Merry over on the Papertrey Ink MB, come on over and see who else is sending some Birthday LOVE to Merry!!!!


Friday, May 20, 2011

CAS-ual Friday

Not sure how I pulled this off but I crafted a card today and
 I am updating my blog for the 3rd time this week. 

While checking out my g-reader this morning, I saw that this weeks challenge on the
 CAS-ual Fridays blog was 
What girl does not like a little bling.  
I have to admit I am not really a CAS kinda girl so I had to think about this card.
Enter treadmill...... 

 thankfully this came to me in a 1/2 hour :)

Here is my take on the challenge:

I put a thin pure poppy matte under the top layer and those 2 layers were
attached with pop dots.
I think I need a new blade on my paper trimmer although this one is not too old but 
I am tired of sanding rough paper!!!  

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Peace and Chevron Stripes

What ....... twice in one week??  Yep, twice in one week.

Today is a card that I sent to my girls over at lululemon.  I love this store and their workout clothes are the best.  I was in the one here in Raleigh recently and LOVE those girls..... they are so sweet and I know we are going to have a fun relationship.

This is also going to be for the Chevron Chic Challenge in the Moxie Fab World, you can find the post here.

I feel that I am always at my best when the things are peaking.  Like the one time when I was working for American Airlines we had a plane out on the runway/tarmac and flames came out of the engine.  It was a Sunday so the airport managers were not there so I kicked right in to high gear ( with my 3 inch heels I might add ) and organized the whole deployment on the field and lost a contact.  I thought I was just doing whatever and the next day all the managers of the airport were talking about how calm I kept the situation.  I could write a blog just on working for American Airlines really a whole book.

Here is my one and only Anton.  
He loves his Star Wars magnet figures so I had an empty tea box and I covered it with black paper that I had heat embossed with white stars from the Let Freedom Ring set.  He puts them all over the sides and when he is done playing he puts them all in the box.

And my beautiful Asparagus that I picked up at the farmers market on Tuesday...... so YUMMY.  I bought enough for 2 nights.  Last night I drizzled it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a pinch of salt and some AMAZING parmigiano reggiano and baked it for like 20 minutes on 400.  The cheese is all crispy on the top ........ believe me I was doing plenty of tasting standing at the oven.

Have a great day.  
I am off to burn some calories at a Zumba class. 
 Thankfully my sister will not be there because I would burn more calories from laughing.