Friday, December 31, 2010

My Top 10 from 2010

This was a fun trip down memory lane, the only thing is I realized that there were projects that I did not photograph that would have for sure been on this list.  I am going to "try" and photograph most if not all of my crafts this year.  I really want to focus on Graphic Design this year and maybe take a few classes and maybe take a few classes for sewing, by hand.  I want to make some cute felt change purses but I need to learn a few stitches first.

So there you have it. 
 I hope everyone has a 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Amy!!

Today JennLaurie, Barbara and myself are having a little party for your friend and ours, AMY!!  


You are always so inspiring in all of your work not to mention a 
I wish for you a FABULOUS DAY and the 

Your profile photo was my inspiration for my card today.  A card that is sweet and simple.  No rounded corners but a nice edge just like your hair..... you know I always love your hair!!!  A bit of ink around the edges to make it soft and of course the flowers in a beautiful hue just like YOU!!!!

The second part of my post was inspired by all the great music on your blog.  Emma always knows when I am looking at your blog and she always comes right over to sing and dance.  Please be advised that I have a HORRIBLE cold otherwise I would sound like maybe Kelly Clarkson or Taylor Swift (NOT)

I tried to play this in a preview and it looked like one of those old Godzilla movies .... you know the ones  where the voice and mouth movement are not synced up?? LOL  I am not sure if it is the computer or me being blonde ......... 

Do not forget to visit LaurieBarbara and Jenn's blog for more of the celebration!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my friends!!!  Do you see Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head (they are behind the adult beverage and Spitzbuben )??  Little Ava is IN LOVE with Toy Story!!  We watch it before breakfast after nap and before bed ........ YEE HAW!!  So for Christmas I went to Pottery Barn Kids and got her a grocery cart and we filled it with all the large toys from Toy Story..... Woody and Jessie were in the front of the cart!!!  The girl is just pushing them and hugging them and watching her movie in total amazement of her new "babies".  That is one of the many examples of how I have seen Christmas through my kiddies eyes today!!!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas card and gift card holder

Here is a little something I made to put the gift card in for Emma's teacher and TA for Christmas.  I used my Spellbinders for cutting out the center.  Real easy just cut a piece of card stock 4 1/4 x 11 and scor at 3 51/5 and 8, I use my scor buddy so I scor 3 51/2 and then rotate the paper and scor at 3 again.  Fold the inside pieces and use scor tape on the edges and bottom, it will now be all sealed up.  Cut out the top with something big enough that will give you room for your gift card and you are good to go.  And the other photo is the card to go along with the gift card.  We are collecting money to give them a gift card to Best Buy to purchase a data projector.

Here is photo of Ava..... we had a dusting of snow yesterday when we went to see Santa.  Ava had NOTHING to do with that, she crossed her arms and made her famous "sassy" sound, of course she still wanted the candy cane.  Anton did not speak ...... he was a bit skeptical of the whole thing and Emma asked if he would please bring her a Nutcracker so she could help me crack nuts for when I am baking.... LOVE HER, last year she asked for a candy cane!  I was trying to get a Christmas photo but they were all in a daze over the light snow.  Oh well I will try again this next weekend :)

Hope everyone is having a GREAT Sunday!!  I am making Christmas cards, watching the Giants play the Skins and waiting for my sister and crew to come over, oh and her hubby is a Skins fan YIKES :)