Saturday, August 7, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year!!

Today I am here to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year when it comes to fruit. I love all fruits and the possibilities of what you can do with them and for the most part you can get any fruit anytime of the year except the most amazing Italian Prune Plum or to Germans simply Zwetschgen. Small, delicate and sweet if you find them at the right time.

When I found them this week I was doing the happy dance because my honey, kiddies and father in law are all about Zwetschgen Strudel. This was a staple for my father in law ( Opa) growing up in Germany as well as my mother in law ( Oma) and after the war there was not a lot that was plentiful but people grew Zwetschgen. The first time I ever had this wonderful treat I was dating my husband and he told me his mom made "plum strudel" ...... I will never forget that day and after I asked if she would teach me how to make it, the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, at least in Curt's case!!

I tired and tried ....... it was always good but you have to get the dough thin and that means a ton of patience. For many years Curt had plenty of strudel, when the Zwetschgen are in season I make it every week and so would his mom. His mom passed away late 2008 and I have to say that I am so thankful that I learned so many German traditions from her, she was an amazing woman and I can continue to do things for Curt that he has known his entire life. Now when the season comes we call his dad to come over and we sit and enjoy a strudel and every time he tells me "just like mother use to make", that is a double edge sword because I wish she was here to enjoy with us but I am so thankful that I took the time to learn.

And now when my kids see the Zwetschgen there is a HAPPY DANCE through the house. When I made it this week Emma asked if we could all get dressed up for the Zwetschgen Strudel....... how do you say no?? And of course Opa came over.

Here is the star of the show. These are my left overs and I am going to make a
Zwetschgenkuchen (cake) today for my guys Opa, Curt and Anton. In the background you can see the strudel all rolled up and ready to go in the oven.

This is where the magic happens. When you turn up the oven the milk turns into a sweet cheese ...... AMAZING!!

How is this for an oven?? 1950....... 18 inches wide same as my only counter work space but let me tell you there have been some crazy good meals that have come from this oven!!!

Fresh out of the oven ........ the Angles are singing

This is Emma's plate ........ if we have to have fancy clothes as she says then I have to take out the fancy dishes!!!

Please do not talk to me right now ......... I am in the middle of something very important!


Anika said...

Looks delicious! Aren't traditions fun!? We have several Swedish recipes that my grandma taught us how to make now that she's gone, it's bittersweet making them, but I'm so glad we can carry on what were some of her favorite sweets to make.

Dana said...

AHHHH! I'm in the middle of a fast right now and reading this post is KILLING ME! Why oh why did you choose TODAY for this? I want some so badly Sue Ann.
I have 4 pounds of ripe plums (albeit yellow ones) from our local organic CSA right now and this would be the perfect thing to make. Where's the recipe? I think I have your plum cake recipe in an email...but I cannot cook while I'm fasting..too much temptation.
I love Emma's idea of fancy clothes for good food! Right on Sistah!

Rhonda said...

You're talkin' to a non-fruity gal and now I want one. Love the traditions. I'd even dress up!

Diane Jaquay said...

Oh YUM! Wish I could stop by and share a piece with you ;)

Nadine said...

My mouth is watering, stop it! I'll never get zwetchernzkljsglk (sp?) nor will I ever know how to pronounce it. This is one awesome post, I can smell it baking in that oven now...

Lee Anne said...

Wow! I don't even know what to say. This looks divine!

christy compton hall said...

Mmmm mmm! Enjoy some kaffee und kuchen for me this fine morgan!!! xoxo!