Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 Cards one for Valentines Day and one Birthday Card

Valentines Day card for not sure who ....... I was just playing around with stuff I had in my Valentines Day basket.

Ink Raspberry Fizz, Pure Poppy and Fresh Snow PTI
Cardstock Pure Poppy and Hibiscus Burst
PP Small piece of Simple Valentine
Ribbon and Button both Hibiscus Burst and Twine PTI
Random Heart eyelet
Stamps Hearts and Sentiment Simple Valentine and the Scroll is Random
Cuttlebug Heart folder

Thanks for looking

Honestly I did not even know if I was going to post this but what the heck. We had a party on Saturday about 2 hours away and had to be there at 11 AM so I threw this together using mostly my computer. The Birthday boy loves Toy Story and since the 3rd one is coming out I thought that would be a good gift ....... I gave his mom the cash for the day out and treats galore and he only got the movie ticket part...... as you can see I was in such a hurry I did not even stamp "movie ticket" I had to use my crazy handwriting. It came out cute enough but not over the top creative. It was like a 5x5 card. All that matters is that he loved it and his movie ticket!! My son Anton saw it and thought it was his ........ "Thank you mommy Thank you" when I had to tell him it was for the party I have never seen such big tears ....... thankfully I saved the file for the photo and printed one for him only I was in such a hurry I forgot to resize and his came out 8.5x11........ the boy held it all day and slept with it too ....... I love that Anton!!!

I used Kraft CS and red/yellow/blue from SU........ I am very bad with names and lines!!!

Thanks for looking!!!


Kara said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! The paper I used for my ruffle flowers is a pad of some thin drawing paper. It had the perfect texture and weight. I'm sure printer paper would work just as well. Have fun making some!

BethieJ said...

Sue Ann these are both FABULOUS! What a CUTE idea for the birthday gift.. and I LOVED that sweet story about your son!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
Have a GREAT day!

Diane Jaquay said...

Love the Valentine with the embossing, and the birthday card is adorable!!

Cammie said...

Your Valentine card is so pretty! And the birthday card is too cute! Your son's carrying and sleeping with his card is so sweet.

Lori said...

Both cards are great!!

Creative Momma said...

The valentine card is lovely...I love the cuttlebug folder and can't find it anywhere....the ToY Story card is just too cute...I bet he just loved that


Tammy said...

I bet your son loved that his was "bigger" than the birthday boy's card. Great idea and very cute. Love the valentine card. The little heart eyelet with bitty dot ribbon balanced out the whole card.

Terri said...

I think they came out great!

Heidi said...

Your Valentine card is really pretty! I loved the story about your son and his Toy Story poster that you printed. So sweet! The gift set is cute and I'm sure the birthday boy was delighted!

Kim said...

So cute! Your Valentine is wonderful and the Toy Story gift was a great idea!

*LittleMissT* said...

Love that Valentine's card, especially like the way all those little hearts are laid out in that circle!