Monday, February 7, 2011


Here is a fun little banner I made to hang over our fireplace for St. Valentine's Day.

Let me tell you I made more cuts with my CB than Disney has movies but it was a fun project and the kids and Curt LOVE IT.

Liebe is German for Love.  I kinda thought for the location and the photo
above the fireplace and my vinyl Hummel Hansel and Gretel that Liebe would be perfect.

I found and used my Cricut for the letters and then so many different dies.

  Here are some close up shots.  All the Vintage Cream was stamped in Pure Poppy and I used my tea dye for the edges.  
I went a different route this time with thread thanks to Mona  she always knows when to add the darker thread to a card and I thought for the banner tops this would be the perfect time for me to throw in some color to make it pop.... SO HAPPY I FOUND MONA!!!  Her work is amazing 
and the name of her blog makes me happy!!!

And how ADORABLE are the Valentine's.  VERY OLD SCHOOL.
I bought them from Corinna at Piddix on Etsy.  
I have them in this size and a smaller size for small cards.
I printed them on card stock and CURT cut them out :)


And then I took a lead from my friend Laurie who on this linked post used a paper bag for the embossed piece.  OH ..... how smart is she and me because I took her idea and ran to make the medallions for a cute layering of the vintage Valentines.  

A few clothespins and some floral wire and we are all ready for 
St. Valentine's Day!!

Have a GREAT day!!!


Cheryl said...

Very, very cute! I love all the texture and eclectic elements.

Amy Beth said...

WOW Sue Ann! This is beautiful. All the elements and different textures - perfect!

Rhonda said...

Oh so cute!!! Love the clothespins as well. Paper bag heaven.

Diane Jaquay said...

OMG Sue Ann, this is SO CUTE!!! I keep resisting buying those banner dies but I'm beginning to think resistance is futile lol! LOVE that you have that fabulous picture over your fireplace too. I wish I had a fireplace :(

Kay said...

Ooh, I just LURVE your banner- so many yummy details, and everything fits together perfectly!!! LOVE IT!!

Terri said...

Super cute! Love all the different elements!

Lindsay said...

Sue Ann! This is fantastic! You did one amazing job! I love all of the little details you've put into it!

Ted said...

Sue Ann! Loving all the eye candy in this banner. You worked hard and it shows! :)

Anika said...

This is GORGEOUS!! I am totally in love with it! Awesome work!

Lucky Girl said...

Wow! This is really special...I have been wanting to do something with the banner dies. Super Cute! :)

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Sue Ann, Thank you so much for the HUGE shout out! This banner is darling and it is so obvious that you created it with so much love :) The black stitching looks fabulous! Love all the cute images, doily hearts, buttons and rosettes! Surely a keepsake to treasure for years to come :)

christy compton hall said...

Well, this just makes my whole week - ich liebe dich! My dad was stationed in Augsburg when I was little and I looove your mantel - rockin the Hummel!

The banner you made is To DIE FOR. You put so much effort in to that and it just oozes love. I am SO impressed.

Laurie said...

SA!!!! This is ADORABLE!!! OH my goodness there are so many fun details here! I love the red doilies! I love the paper covered clothes pins! The buttons! OK everything! This is such an awesome project!!

Sara Mac said...

Sue Ann this is amazing!! How you find time to do all that you do astounds me. This banner is so much fun. It's going to be so special to pull it out year after year.

Amy said...

Seriously girl, how did you find time to make this STUNNING banner? Between all the cooking, baking, kids? My friend, there isn't one thing on here that I don't like and that isn't perfect!
I really like those vintage valentines...they added soo much to your banner!!

Cammie said...

This is truly one of the most adorable banners I have seen! This will be treasured keepsake. And your Hansel and Gretal reminded of the ones I had when I was young.

Dana said...

You are superwoman. Truly Sue Ann. Well, MY superwoman anyway! *grin*
This is the most fantastic St. Valentine's Day project I've ever come across. (And can I just say that I LOVE that you included the "St.", people keep dropping that part and it drives me batty!)
Your mantal is such a vision of love with all the photos of the kids, and even a vintage phot or two too! Is that large pic of the kids a puzzle? LOVE IT!
Ok, now for the actual banner. I am smitten with the font of those black letters, and the adorable vintage-y valentine images. I NEED some. Your clothepins are to die for along with the amazing stamped details on the BG of each banner. I keep blowing up the photos to see them better and WOWZERS, you put a lot of elements into this keepsake! Black stitching, rolled roses, layered buttons, lace trim, doilys, scallops and medallions
And I'd say Curt deserves a huge award for cutting those images out! I LOVE the firetruck one to pieces! " ring the bell with me!" SO STINKIN" ADORABLE!
Did I mention that you are a talented lady? and Superwoman to boot!
This will be a keepsake to be passed on for generations. Each of your kiddos will have to take turns displying it when they get older!

Jen Carter said...

Oh goodness, this is adorable!! I can see why it is a hit with your family for sure!! LOVE it!!