Monday, May 16, 2011

Better late than never!!

Gracious I have really been trying to keep up with this whole blog world but seems lately there are not enough hours in the day.  I thought when we moved from NYC I would have so much more time but that is not the case at all.  

This post is for the April Papertrey Pals challenge, like I mentioned above better late than never :)   Our wonderful hostess this month was Liz and the challenge was to use some of our pattern paper that we have been saving for a rainy day.  Well just so happened back in April I needed to make cards for a gift to give to Emma's teacher, LOVE Mrs. Barnes........ she is the best and I am SO THANKFUL that we landed in her class when we got to NC.  

Here are a few of the cards that I made for her....

And here is a little of what I have been up to with my local partner in crime AKA my sister Lisa

This became.......
 that :)  

and the beautiful part is the farmer we bough our strawberries from uses no pesticides.
We are going back tomorrow to the famers market for more strawberries, I guess the 76 jars we made were not enough so we are going to make more to last each family for the year.
Asparagus is in season and they are AMAZING so I am going to pick up some asparagus and for dinner I am going to make sauteed' shrimp with my seasoning, asparagus, grape tomatoes served over pasta
I will buy enough strawberries to make a cream cheese strawberry tart YUMMO.

Last but not least I took a crazy cardio kickboxing class today and wore my heart rate monitor during the class......... OH MY LORD I burned 905 calories in 45 minutes.  Now that is just crazy talk right there but I for sure have earned a Spaten with dinner tonight.



christy compton hall said...

Get outta here! The cards are gorgeous (I like the second, folk arty one best) but REALLY? 76 jars of strawberry jam!? You're aMAZing! What a beautiful picture. Keep up the good work with the workouts!

Monica K. said...

Wow, you have been busy!! All of the cards are gorgeous and I like the patterned papers you used too. That is a lot of strawberry jam, I bet it's delicious!!

Laurie said...

OK first off, your gonna have enough jam that I can buy some right? LOL! It looks fantastic!

Your cards are beautiful!! You did awesome with all that patterned paper! I am so glad to see an update from you!!

(go cardio!! why don't you make your next move to Kansas so you can come motivate me? :) Hugs!)

Terri said...

it is nice to see you posting again. Sounds like you have been busy. Great cards. The jam looks yummy too!

Rhonda said...

I believe May is crazier than Dec. Love the cards. LOVE the jam.

Liz said...

Great job on the challenge! I love the Bloom Where you're planted card! Right up my alley! And I'm drooling at the strawberry jam.... :)

Kara said...

mmmmmm, those berries look wonderful!! love your cards too:)

Lindsay said...

Awesome cards Sue Ann! So I just wanted to reach into this screen and take a handful of those gorgeous berries! YUM!

Suzanne said...

Heeeyyy Sue Ann!!!

If I bring the peanut butter, can I come on down there for some PB&J with all that awesome yummy looking jam!? WOW! I am amazed and jealous!

Your cards are terrific, too! :)

Casey said...

Those cards are SO cute!! Love them!

And I love the jam idea... I need to go back to the farm and grab some more for jam. I've never done it before but it's worth a whirl.

And I hear ya on the blogging... sometimes I completely lack the energy and othertimes -like now- I get really into it.

Mona L. Pendleton said...

WOW Sue Ann! What a fabulous collection of cards! My fave is the second one with the little bird in the tree :) Those strawberries look delicious and the jam looks even better!

Stephanie said...

Sue Ann.....You have been one crazy, busy girl!!! Love all of your cards but the one with the stars is just fabulous!!!

Rebecca said...

Hey there Sue Ann. Nice to see you! I just love the birdie card. What great paper!! BTW - where can I place my jam order. YUMMY!

Sara Mac said...

Oh how I wish I was your neighbor so I could score a jar of that jam! Sue Ann your cards are wonderful. I was especially drawn to the one with stars and the tag banner. The combination of the patterned paper and all the embellishments are just perfect.

Denise said...

Oh my - I am craving some of that yummy jam! My granny used to make fig jam and flavor it using strawberry gelatin. SO good!

The cards are fabby... I especially love the one using MS4 and the Tag Its. (both of which are still in there original packaging at my house)

Love you, lady! SO glad to "hear" from you!

Dana said...

Now I NEED asparagus and it's only 7:30 am...!
Your pesticide-free strawberry jam looks divine. Wish I was there with you helping!
I'm sorry you don't have more time...are you just involved in more activities now? More driving? What is it that's different?
All of your cards would be welcome at any home, but I know Mrs. Barnes will adore them. That first one with the flower and stem is SO sweet. And don't think I didn't notice your stitching too... AWESOME!

LittleSurferGirl said...

Sue Ann! Yay! So nice to see you and your YUMMY post! Those strawberries look better than the ones in Plant City, Fl (Home of the Strawberry Festival!)

Your daughter's teacher is super lucky. I'm certain she will LOVE those cards! I love the ric rack stem! Beautiful, beautiful!